All Rounder

All Rounder


Q-LEX All Rounder has been formulated to enhance the beauty
of interior/exterior walls. It is an anti-fungal paint with superior
washability. Q-LEX ultimate wall paint all-rounder the freedom to
choose from a spectrum of colors for every mood.

exterior house paint

Superior-grade water-based binder

The superior grade water bedder commonly known as PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate) has now become the final word for the application of cement and asbestos as well Best choice at a reasonable price.

wall paint-exterior house paint

Fragrance Added

Elegant fragrance that can move the whole atmosphere of the area.

wall paint-exterior house paint

Light Fast

ultimate all-rounder with high-efficiency imported dyes and pigments,
the color tones last for longer periods.

wall paint-exterior house paint

Outstanding Covering Capacity

Best covering capacity under normal conditions. With its bright crystal titanium.


New Or Bare Masonry Surfaces:
ultimate all-rounder should be completely dry and free from dust, and dirt Use a bleach solution to treat the surface affected by fungus. Repair cracks, a surfaces with Q-LEX Filling Putty. Smoothen the putty/filler areas with sandpaper & dust off thoroughly. Allow all the surface to dry completely.

Previously Painted Surfaces:

Remove unstable paint film, and loose chalk by rubbing down using an abrasive paper wire brush and dusting off. Use Q-LEX Filling Putty to repair cracks if necessary. Discover the perfect harmony of quality and versatility with Q LEX PAINTS – your ultimate all-rounder in the world of paints. Unleash your creativity with a comprehensive range of premium paints that deliver exceptional coverage, durability, and a stunning finish.






50-60% Solution

30-40% Solution

60-70% Solution


12-10 sq.m

12-15 sq.m

12-25 sq.m

Drying Time

1-2 hrs


Clean Water